Our Story

My daughter Nina was born the same year I opened Root & Stem, our full service catering company. The time demands needed as a new parent are difficult enough; any job on top of that, not to mention opening a new company, can really leave parents with not a moment to spare. Luckily, when it came to food I knew we were covered. Our catering company is dedicated to using locally sourced produce, dairy and meats from farmers and producers who care about both the land and product. I’ve also got the support of a culinary team where a few vegetable purees are done in a blink of an eye.

But, even with that help, there were still nights and times where one of the last things I thought of was making zucchini purees for her lunches.  I thought of alternatives and the only option other than making it myself after a long day, would be a jar on the shelf in the middle of a grocery store at room temperature and was made sometime in the last year, hopefully.

I couldn’t help but think over and over that if I didn’t have the help and resources I do, through our catering company, Nina wouldn’t be eating peas 3 days after they were picked 50 miles away. Or yogurt that was made from grass fed dairy cows in Central PA.  How do other parents find the time to source fresh, local fruits & vegetables, cook, puree, portion and store the meals? It was decided that we needed to share Nina’s Pantry with others.

Craig Currie