Do you deliver?

Currently we just operate at Farmer’s Markets, but please let us know if you are interested; once demand for the service is there we will add delivery.

How fresh is the produce?

We get Thursday & Friday deliveries from our sources. Your food is made within 48 hours of buying at the market.

How can we store it?

All food items are perishable and must be kept refrigerated. Items maybe frozen for up to one month. Just thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Do you offer pre orders or subscriptions?

We do! Please contact us at info@ninaspantry.com for more information.

What age is right for us to introduce these foods?

Please contact your pediatrician and ask them for the signs to begin feeding you baby real food.

What about allergens?

We are a full service kitchen that makes food containing wheat, nuts, peanuts, egg, dairy and all types of foods so please keep that in mind with all food allergies. We do tell you the ingredients that go into each product.